[Bf-committers] Blender and Collada support. Does it matter?

Juan Linietsky reduzio at gmail.com
Fri Aug 19 07:50:19 CEST 2011

Toni Wrote:

> > works, but more complex stuff such as baking IK or constraints is not
> > supported and has never been. So It's impossible to use Blender for very
> > simple tasks such as animating a character, blend shapes, or export an
> > object that follows a curve, thus alienating a large amount of potential
> Ok, we haven't gotten there with it yet, thanks for info.
Even if you don't use these features, It's hard to argue against the fact
that most game studios that do 3D games DO need them.
3D games are mostly made by medium to large sized teams, and are based on
either own or licensed intellectual property. Most succesful IPs involve

> That is where I think your logic goes wrong.
> > Don't know anything about that Illusoft exporter, but certainly there
> must be a way to organize funded Collada (and whatever) dev so that there is
> no waste of money.

There may be a way, but my logic is that it's hard to convince someone to
invest on something that already went wrong before. Just ask around what
happened to Illusoft's collada plugin.

> I don't think we *necessarily* need Khronos for this -- they already did
> their part, the OpenCollada lib, which Blender is using.

I don't know what this means, they made OpenCollada AND Maya/Max exporters.
Working together with them to add Blender to that seems reasonable.
Also i'm sure that there are many Blender developers, including GSOC
students, that would gladly make the time to work and mantain Collada if
that was funded.
For Khronos it's a win-win situation, as Blender lowers the entry barrier
cost to their technologies..


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