[Bf-committers] Sequencer movie strips frame rate - bug or missing feature?

Vilem Novak pildanovak at post.cz
Fri Oct 22 12:29:32 CEST 2010

Well, I looked in the code and realized the frame rate is read and considered 
at least probably by ffmpeg reading, so I submitted a bug report, 
and would really like if the further discussion went on there(bug #24355).

I also had the idea of making a python op which would solve this with the speed effect, 
the problem is, the strips frame rate is not exposed to the rna api, 
so the only solution would be to find the find the matching audio strip and match the lengths.
This can be done, however it's quite a hack, don't you think? Especially if blender has most of
the code needed for a proper handling of frame rates.

 I am not a hobbyist, so to say, I make my living with av art and producing animations etc.,
 so there's no need to explain here the very basics of how video editing works and 
bringing the discussion to offtopic area.
Of course that if you are producing a movie and are not stupid you keep your settings consistent through 
the whole process(unless you make a documentary, where you use different footages etc. )
If you say that professionals don't use frame rate conversions, 
then tell me how e.g. everyday news shot in ntsc are screened(and re-edited) in europe? 
Or how is it possible that tv's screen motion pictures shot at 24 fps? Or how the same movies are distributed on pal(ntsc) dvds?(or even better, videotapes :) )
 Btw, animated textures have the same problem as in sequencer,
 so how do you apply an animated texture which you get at 12 fps when you are rendering in 25fps? 
Or how you export your 12fps animation for a dvd?
Really, there are many cases where you convert frame rates also in professional use...
Yes, you can make all of this with external conversion, for best results with 
retimer or some similar software, but that really makes your production time much higher.

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> I think Roger summed it up best.
> Remember that in the vast bulk of professional and semi-professional /
> independent motion picture production you are shooting for a fixed target.
> All of your footage is consistent.
> In a conversion, we begin to get into countless complexities. Duplicate
> frames? Drop? Etc. And even then, the discussion doesn't even begin to
> engage colourspaces and other deeper questions.
> Optical flow is within the domain of post production visual effects, not
> editing per se. It would likely be cut with proxy footage and generated in
> the post production phase.
> The bottom line is that converting frame rates in a system that is by design
> perfectly frame accurate is likely adding complexity where it isn't likely
> warranted.
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