[Bf-committers] Unlimited Clay report and question

raulf at info.upr.edu.cu raulf at info.upr.edu.cu
Thu Oct 21 17:09:07 CEST 2010

Hi all :)

  I have the pleasure to announce that Unlimited Clay refactor is around
90% now!

   Yesterday I have fixed the last edge selection issue that was causing
bad subdivisions in my new code and now is at the same functional level
as before but of course with a better speed factor ;)

  A relaxing scheme is also implemented so you could get better topology too

  I would like to update my branch but unluckily this time my internet
access is almost zero, no video streaming sites, I don't remember the
last time I could visit my beloved blenderartist site!

 in the remaining todo list to be fully usable are:

 1 - implement the undo (still need to thinker a bit in the code but is
not a showstopper ;) )
 2- implement a function for updating (not rebuilding) a pbvh tree.
 the pbvh_update() function should update the PBVH tree with new
verts/faces added to the topology of the object

 Number 2 is currently the showstopper, I will really need the help of the
designers of the PBVH data structure .... any advice/help?

                                                kind regards  Farsthary

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