[Bf-committers] Logic UI current to do list

Dalai Felinto dfelinto at gmail.com
Mon May 24 12:54:13 CEST 2010

This is specially for Matt. But if someone is interested to help
please join the boat. Some of those items shouldn't be too hard to
Also if you see anything missing here related to the Logic Interface
please say so.

- boundaries for Logic Editor panning
- manage multiple objects selected at the same time
- actuators always visible (even if actuators_show_active_states is ON)
- game properties currently can have the same name as s/c/a and they shouldn't.
- missing controller states number + hability to change it (per controller)
- missing PIN option in sensors and actuators (it's related to STATE)
- solve the ESC problem for the keyboard sensor (Esc can't be used as input)

Important but hard to do:
- drag & drop to move the s/c/a up and down
- link/unlink logics through python

Not so important:
- visible states is "unable" when ALL is on, but can be edited.
- visible states is reset to init states when you re-open your file
(maybe it's by design, dunno)
- operator add s/c/a crashes when len(name) > 32 (weird RNA bug)

It would be nice to have:
- increase size of link/inlink "buttons" when mouse over
- create an AND controller when linking a sensor with an actuator


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