[Bf-committers] neXyon's GSoC 2010 proposals

Benjamin Tolputt btolputt at internode.on.net
Tue Mar 30 14:44:24 CEST 2010

Nathan Vegdahl wrote:
> Blender on mobile devices would indeed be cool.  But with regards to
> the iPad, my understanding is that Apple doesn't allow applications
> with generic scripting languages on the iPhone/iPad/etc.  If they did,
> it would be a back-door for developing arbitrary applications without
> going through them (heaven forbid).  And since Blender 2.5 depends so
> heavily on Python, I don't think it's actually (legally) possible to
> put Blender on those devices.

There is a bit of a grey area there as Apple will not let you run an
application that has scripts that can be changed at runtime (either
through downloading or through user editing). However they do allow
applications that run scripts so long as they are the equivalent of
"hard coding" - i.e. the scripts submitted to the Apple approval process
are the only ones ever used by the application.

In terms of Blender, this would mean no user scripting capability (i.e.
no running of script from text window, Python constraints, etc) and
scripts in .blend files would need to be removed.

In other words, whilst modelling might be OK - rigging & animation would
suck @ss. I don't think anyone seriously considered the iPad a rendering
platform though.


Benjamin Tolputt
Analyst Programmer

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