[Bf-committers] iksolver_plugin.c error, MSVC 2010 express project files.

Pacific Morrowind pacificmorrowind at gmail.com
Mon Mar 29 17:33:04 CEST 2010

thank-you so much for your help :) - it required a define of _STD_USING 
(I put it with the _USE_MATH_DEFINES in the only define if windows section)
However I did notice a slight oddity:
math.h definition of M_PI:                                               
MT_Scalar definition of MT_PI:                                          
definition MSVC displays on hovering in other docs for MT_PI 
So I'm wondering why MT_PI is being defined? Is it to avoid an 
additional include or ?
again thank-you so much for all the help.

On 29/03/2010 4:21 AM, Benoit Bolsee wrote:
> M_PI is a standard C symbol, defined in math.h, which is included from
> cmath.h
> It's possible that MSCV 2010 requires an additional define to declare
> those symbols, such as _USE_MATH_DEFINES. Check the headers in Visual
> Studio directory.
> /benoit
> On Mon, 29 Mar 2010 02:45:58 -0700, Pacific Morrowind
> <pacificmorrowind at gmail.com>  wrote:
>> Well this time I think I've found an actual bug rather than
>> my low skill
>> level being the only bug;
>> in IK_QSegment.cpp on half a dozen lines there is: [code]lmin =
>> MT_clamp(lmin, -M_PI, M_PI);[/code] (same for lmax as well);
>> and MSVC is
>> shouting about M_PI being Undefined. However MT_PI looks to me to be
>> what that is actually supposed to be; at least it compiles with M_PI
>> being replaced with MT_PI, and from my limited understanding of that
>> particular code file it looks right... is that an error or am
>> I showing
>> off my lack of knowledge /again/?
>> thanks;
>> Nick/Pacific Morrowind
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