[Bf-committers] iksolver_plugin.c error, MSVC 2010 express project files.

Pacific Morrowind pacificmorrowind at gmail.com
Mon Mar 29 02:19:53 CEST 2010

Hi all;
I have finally gotten around to starting on building the Blender source 
code myself so that I can test changes that I want to do.
However I'm using MSVC 2010 express; for which there are no project 
files. So I have started converting the project files (unfortunately it 
is requiring quite a lot of manual changes as well as the 
solution/project automatic upgrade), when I'm done the manual changes 
I'll submit them for inclusion (unless someone of the blender team says 
that they would be unwanted or something like that).
however I've found some errors/oddities in the blender source code:
-  hundreds of truncation from double to float and similar warnings (non 
fatal, and I'm guessing purposeful?)
- a couple fatal errors;
     - a few of which I've figured out and were in the project files and 
could easily be changed even with my less than high skill level (and a 
few errors in the MSBuild 4.0 system - which does make me feel good 
since they are getting paid to program, and have years of coding 
experience and are still making errors - makes me feel higher skill 
level than I actually am)
     - only one (so far) in the blender code which I've traced and 
figured out a fix for:
     that is in /iksolver_plugin.c/ (which is in 
/\source\blender\ikplugin\intern\/); line 44 is currently [code]#include 
"IK_solver.h"[/code]. However that won't work with MSVC 2010 ( builder 
can't find the file). So to fix it I replaced it with [code]#include 
"..\..\..\..\intern\iksolver\extern\IK_solver.h"[/code]; This works fine 
for MSVC 2010. However I have no idea how the other build systems will 
respond to that change; so before I submit that as a patch could someone 
with some other build system test that out?

If anyone can test that I'd be really grateful. Also sorry for my 
(rather apparent) inexperience and lack of knowledge on C++ programming.
As you may be able to guess by this message I'm hoping to get involved 
in the Blender development and hope that I will be able to contribute at 
least a bit despite my currently very limited knowledge and experience.
Pacific Morrowind (or Nick if you prefer)

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