[Bf-committers] Remove unused code

Kent Mein mein at cs.umn.edu
Fri Mar 26 15:44:34 CET 2010

Leif Andersen wrote:
> It also says here:
> http://wiki.blender.org/index.php/Dev:2.5/Doc/Blender_Source/Files_structure
> that the blender/source/tools/ directory is also unused.  If that is the
> case, you might also try to remove that if you can.  I tried compiling it
> without that directory, and it failed, but then I tried it with, and it also
> failed.  I'm now testing it against a known good build, to make sure it
> works without it.
> ~Leif Andersen
source/tools is used by Makefiles  We could probably move the stuff in
source/tools that
still needs to be there to blender/tools so we don't have this stuff all
spread out but its
still used.


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