[Bf-committers] Blender security paranoia

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Tue Mar 23 15:12:19 CET 2010

On Tue, Mar 23, 2010 at 7:30 PM, Raul Fernandez Hernandez <
raulf at info.upr.edu.cu> wrote:

> Hi all :)
> WARNING: this email is not targeted to anybody in particular, is just my
> opinion and I like to learn from my mistakes :)
> I think is good to think in all threat possibilities that could arise in
> the future but I really don't understand all the paranoia that has being
> awaken toward Blender.
>  It makes more harm than good because it introduce the fear in the
> Blender ecuation , the user that will make .blend content that is worth
> downloading and sharing will not burn his hard earned reputation in
> making scripts for stealing user information or deleting user files.
>  C'mon we are 3D guys working hard for making .... well, you guess, 3D ,
> is very different from people killing time writing trash on Word or
> Power-points and also from a malicious developer point of view the user
> share of Blender (and really from any 3D app) is not worth it.
>  In all the blender history mention a case when something like that have
> happened before.
>  And while that is not a strong argument that prevent such situations from
> happening in the future I think such level of security is an SO duty, not
> an app task.
>  Blender could not live without python and making mechanisms for avoid
> automatic and hiding script running is OK, but I think we should not
> take that further.
>                                        Regards farsthary
I agree with you anytime..:) . Instead of concentrating on such "security "
issues which is not worth the effort because IF a person intends to put some
malicious code HE WILL put it at any cost even with high security settings
.. :( ... I  would rather suggest to get the API to a stable condition and
make it more straight forward than thinking about security. As i told in my
earlier mail that making a software more secure makes it highly unusable in
a production environment which needs a lot of automation .. just my 2 cents
. :)


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