[Bf-committers] Blender security paranoia

Raul Fernandez Hernandez raulf at info.upr.edu.cu
Tue Mar 23 15:00:43 CET 2010

Hi all :)

WARNING: this email is not targeted to anybody in particular, is just my
opinion and I like to learn from my mistakes :)

I think is good to think in all threat possibilities that could arise in
the future but I really don't understand all the paranoia that has being
awaken toward Blender.
  It makes more harm than good because it introduce the fear in the
Blender ecuation , the user that will make .blend content that is worth
downloading and sharing will not burn his hard earned reputation in
making scripts for stealing user information or deleting user files.
 C'mon we are 3D guys working hard for making .... well, you guess, 3D ,
is very different from people killing time writing trash on Word or
Power-points and also from a malicious developer point of view the user
share of Blender (and really from any 3D app) is not worth it.
  In all the blender history mention a case when something like that have
happened before.
 And while that is not a strong argument that prevent such situations from
happening in the future I think such level of security is an SO duty, not
an app task.
  Blender could not live without python and making mechanisms for avoid
automatic and hiding script running is OK, but I think we should not
take that further.

                                        Regards farsthary

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