[Bf-committers] set "F6" pop-up-panel to pop-up automatically by User Preference's selection

GSR gsr.b3d at infernal-iceberg.com
Wed Mar 17 23:13:10 CET 2010

rogerwickes at yahoo.com (2010-03-17 at 1502.11 -0700):
> just delete a file in Vista. go ahead. you will never want another popup.
> I am so sick of confirmation popups "If you change the extension of a file,
> it might not open, or not open properly using installed applications. Are you
> sure you want to do what you just did, you stupid human idiot scum who acts randomly and without thought?"

> Add to your list: badly worded confirmations "Do you only want to view
> the content that was delivered securely?", badly labeled buttons, ("No, Yes") or
> simply users in a rush click the wrong button. Or worse, one package had 
> a blocking popup that was not modal, and promptly got hidden behind
> the window it was blocking. ugh.

So because other apps do it wrong, all are wrong? Those examples are
about getting it right (depend on names for app association, always
use verbs for buttons, respect window stacking). Please, next time
pick examples where the thing is not just done stupidly done wrong.


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