[Bf-committers] I'd like to kill the soft body module

Raul Fernandez Hernandez raulf at info.upr.edu.cu
Wed Mar 3 17:41:52 CET 2010

Hi all :|

> Hi all,
> I've been watching 2.5 evolving and I feel the (one size fits all ..
> experimental physics code) soft body module has been replaced by the far
> better cloth module at the hot spots. ( Thanks will go to janne and daniel
> )

 Is good that one module function overlaps another module function, that
speaks about how powerfull blender has became, but if they're well
designed there will be always use cases optimized for Softbodies and
clothes, furthermore, even if is not the case currently and softbodies
may seems unmaintained, in the future other interested devs could take
advantage of it an resume its development and improve it.

> Further I think that future development ( in Blender ) should focus on
> visual effects rather than try to simulate real world physics (which is
> 'in given range' mission impossible ) .

  And what are visual effects without physically based simulations? 
faking effects are clever, perform fast and several pros but always will
miss something that only could be achieved with physically based
simulations and are difficult to make.
  I don't think making Blender a "you-must-build-and-fake-everything" will
be a good option.
 One thing is physically accuracy (that we should avoid because its price
is speed) and other is visual realism.
  I do think that physics simulations (ranging from rendering (physically
based ligth behavior) to cloth, particles, character animation) have a
brigth future in Blender and will make a difference because they bring
realism to the masses.

> So I'd like to kindly ask for the permission to remove  that  wrong view
> angled, physicists, crappy code.
> BM

 I would like not to remove it , just in case it makes more harm than
good,  is sad to drop countless man/hours, efforts and knowledge, but I
guess is just me and is only my personal choice.

                                    cheers  Farsthary

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