[Bf-committers] We are idiots

Roger Wickes rogerwickes at yahoo.com
Wed Jun 9 14:32:38 CEST 2010

call me an idiot, but why are we idiots if PIL has not been ported to Py3k?
I am about to venture over there on an encoding topic, and would like to know
the background.


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I was writing my script file on my system's python happily using the Python
Image Library and then moved it insight Blender 25 and TADA!! PIL doesn't
exist in py3k yet! went to ask if there was a workaround on #python and they
told me "let me guess.. Blender?" followed by "Yeah, your best solution is
to tell the Blender devs they're fucking idiots."

So that is the reason of this post. At this precise moment I don't
strongly disagree with him :)


Daniel Salazar
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