[Bf-committers] Bf-committers Digest, Vol 71, Issue 16

Brendon Murphy meta.androcto1 at gmail.com
Sun Jun 6 06:59:56 CEST 2010

On Sat, Jun 5, 2010 at 3:17 AM, Brendon Murphy <meta.androcto1 at gmail.com>
> 1/
> All the Add-On Primitives use a Re-Call menu function.
> This is in the add_edit_object_parameters.py Add-Ons script. (in add_mesh
> category)
> Basically it lets you re-create the objects menu after you have
> or add modifiers.
> For the sake of consistency, I would request that Blender's Default
> be re-written in python,
> so all mesh objects can make use of this feature.
> Simple case: add a cube, move the mesh & the Toolshelf menu for the mesh
> disappears.
> with the re-call function, you call the menu back, if you need to adjust
> mesh.

Brecht replyed:
I don't think this is a good idea. We don't support a real
construction history currently, only the re-executing the last
operator, and we should not use this kind of hack to make it work in
one particular case. It's just not good practice to work around such
limitations, better to work on improving the way operators work,
instead of adding ugly code to work around the design. I suggest
removing this functionality even for the add-ons.

+Matt_e agreed with Brecht
+Ideasman agreed with Brecht, with possible exceptions.

> Brendon's Reply:
I disagree with removing this useful feature.
It is very useful to simply type the name of an object in the Tool Shelf
search to re-call it's menu.
Especially when dealing with more complex object types.
All Add_Mesh scripts use the re-call function as a requirement.

My proposal was to extend it to include Blenders default objects. not to
remove it.
I would prefer that the status quo remain.
This system has been in place for several months, is well maintained & an
extra option for those that wish to use it.
I would rather wait until a similar function is in Blender than remove
current functionality.

> 2/
> In Extensions svn I added a folder 'repair_holding'
> https://svn.blender.org/svnroot/bf-extensions/
> This is so i can take broken scripts out of Release & Contrib, whilst
> keeping them in svn.
> So no-one compiles with the bad scripts.
> once fixed, the scripts can return to their original folders.

+Ideasman replied:
It would be good to give authors some time to fix their scripts before
moving them. 2 weeks?, things break in blender too so removing
features that break immediately can interfere with development,
otherwise this seems reasonable.

> Brendon's Reply:
Cool, due to the rate of Builds on Graphicall, I give the scripts only a few
days grace, I guess I can extend that.
It's bad to have scripts disappear, I know. But worse to ship scripts that
are not working.
This has only happened a few times, usually the scripts are fixed quickly.
That's why the folder's there, so the scripts are still in svn, but removed
from trunk.

> 4/
> A request for more scripts.
> We need more scripts, so if you have any, please upload to
> https://projects.blender.org/projects/bf-extensions/
> Particularly, mesh tools & animation scripts.
> Help with porting of scripts/tools from 2.4x is needed also
> If you have done any of this, don't be shy. :)
Take care with this, if we have a lot of scripts it also gives us more
work when the API changes.

+Ideasman replied:

Do we have a list of 2.4x scripts to port anywhere?

> Brendon's Reply:
Not that I know of. It would be good to have.
Currently most people are doing what interests them only.
I guess people are waiting on bmesh & the api.
Hopefully after Durian & gsoc there will be more interest.

+ZanQdo replied:
The huge import export collection in blender was a big plus, we need
to redo this scripts ASAP. I'll try and do at least my old
exporters/importers. Also the issue with OBJ scrambling the face order
is urgent to fix, makes point transferring very hard

> Brendon's Reply:
Thanks, I/O scripts are a very important area.

+Stephen Christie replied:
does it make since to have an official list of features that are
>> > included during install, that the user has to find and enable himself?

> Brendon's Reply:
The Add-Ons content is pretty much all the reasonably good scripts that
currently exist`.
*not including "in house" studio scripts.
It would be possible in the future to browse svn & install scripts.
Remember the old scripts window in Blender 2.49,
add-ons is the new version, Blender still comes bundled with a selection of
only now, you can choose to run them or not.
Script menu's take up a fair amount of real estate, enabled by default
could/will clog up the menu's.

My belief in the add-ons system is that it allows users options to extend
Blender's toolset to suit their workflow.
All the time being non destructive to Blender's original codebase.
Not every script I see get's in to Release or Trunk, some only make it to
contrib, some get absorbed by larger better scripts.
Some don't get off the ground. :(
All the while, trying be be consistent with what is useful, needed, or just
plain cool.

A lot of scripts in add-ons stand out.
Cloud Generator, Fracture Tools, Torus Knots, Simplify Curves, Spacebar
Menu, Regular Solids (math objects),
Import/Export scripts, Mesh relax & more.

Thanks goes to the authors & maintainers of these scripts,
having these scripts up to date with Blender svn builds is no small task.
It's one awesome system.

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