[Bf-committers] Bf-committers Digest, Vol 71, Issue 16

Matt Ebb matt at mke3.net
Sun Jun 6 07:29:48 CEST 2010

On 06/06/2010, at 14:59 , Brendon Murphy wrote:
>  suggest
> removing this functionality even for the add-ons.
> +Matt_e agreed with Brecht
> +Ideasman agreed with Brecht, with possible exceptions.
>> Brendon's Reply:
> I disagree with removing this useful feature.
> It is very useful to simply type the name of an object in the Tool Shelf
> search to re-call it's menu.
> Especially when dealing with more complex object types.
> All Add_Mesh scripts use the re-call function as a requirement.

Being useful is not the only criteria for something going into Blender's SVN. If we committed every 'useful' patch that was contributed, Blender would be in a terrible mess. Functionality must also be coded well, not use hidden hacks that contradict its internal design, and should also fit properly into Blender's user interface/interaction design, at least. This re-call feature doesn't fit with this.

Python in Blender 2.5 is powerful, and allows people to create all kinds of hacks for their own use - this is fine, and people are free to use and distribute these by themselves at their own leisure/risk. But there's a big difference between this, and presenting these hacks as part of Blender itself as the addons are. If these are to be packaged with Blender, they must be part of Blender and abide by its same requirements, it's not a separate playground where anything goes.


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