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Nathan Letwory nathan at letworyinteractive.com
Thu Jun 3 17:59:11 CEST 2010

On 3.6.2010 18:46, Michael McLay wrote:
> On Thu, Jun 3, 2010 at 10:29 AM, Nathan Letwory<
> nathan at letworyinteractive.com>  wrote:
>> On 3.6.2010 17:13, Ian Watkins wrote:>  Lastly, have you guys used git at
>> all?  With the many branches you've
>>> made for SOC, and the commit policy, I'd think you guys would love
>>> distributed source code management -- along with the ability to merge
>>> less painfully.
>> No. I try to sync trunk to gitorious.org/blenderprojects though. And I
>> don't think that a change of SCM will be done anytime soon. SVN has
>> served us well enough and after a big CVS->SVN transition I don't think
>> most of the users are longing for yet another one. Personally I'd like
>> Git though.
> I hope the Blender team is open to suggestions about how to improve the
> project management activities. I agree with Ian that moving to a distribute
> source code management tools has advantages. Merging is one of them. Another
> is the ability to checkin to a branch when you are offline and then later
> push the commits to the local copy of the branch back into the branch in a
> central repository. The choice between Git, Bazaar, or Mercurial is a matter
> of taste more than a matter of features.
> A higher level discussion might also reconsider the choice of gforge. I
> believe there is some disastifaction with gforge and alternatives have been
> suggested. I don't recall the name. It wasn't Trac. I believe it was written
> in Ruby. I wasn't reading the Blender mailing list when the decision was
> made to move to gforge, but I would assume it may have been due to problems
> with Sourceforge. That is a common reason for ditching Sourceforge. From a
> project management perspective I would suggest considering a move to
> Launchpad.net would. There are many advantages in migrating Blender to
> Launchpad.

I worked on Redmine for a while, but got bogged hugely down by the 
workload at the previous job. Now that I am my own employer I think I'll 
recontinue this work if wanted so.

There has earlier been talk about why not use an existing hosting and 
project management solution, and from the discussions I have gathered 
that it is in the end much more desireable to be in complete control of 
everything, with the risk that some resources go "to waste" by 
maintaining those (I'd say they go to a good cause, but that depends on 
your vantage point).

Currently there's an effort under way to upgrade our ancient gforge 
installation to the latest version. This has been impeded due to 
problems with the servers though, but once those are solved I think that 
we'll see at least an updated and upgraded gforge installation, which 
hopefully alleviates the most pressing problem: the trackers.

I guess we can have the discussion again after the integration (it's 
already in the pipeline, as said).

About launchpad - I think I tried gaining maintainership of the Blender 
project there, but I have had no responses to my queries, so I lost 
interest in it (and after having used both Git and Bazaar I came to 
prefer Git after all, even though I was leaning towards Bazaar in the 
beginning) Anyway, as I already mentioned, I have a git repository 
mirrored on gitorious.org/blenderprojects, and can add users there that 
want write access to some repository, but not be in the so-called core 
team (people with write access to our svn repository).

/Nathan (jesterKing)

Nathan Letwory
Letwory Interactive

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