[Bf-committers] multiple objects in the same mode

Wahooney wahooney at wahooney.net
Wed Jun 2 08:16:22 CEST 2010

+1 on this, I've needed to UV map several objects at the same time and 
at the moment it's a PITA.

On 6/1/2010 11:43 PM, Tom M wrote:
> There are a number of situations where having multiple objects in the
> same mode would be useful
> 1) Sculpt across multiple objects
> this is useful when you want to coordinate different objects together,
> for instance both objects were damaged, or a strap causing a crease in
> different pieces of clothing
> Often times different objects will have different levels of multires
> so you can't just join them.  Also joining objects loses the object
> centers
> 2) Paint across multiple objects
> Ie mud spattered on a character and what he is holding.  Sunlight
> fading multiple textures of different objects
> again joining loses object centers
> 3) Posing two characters
> often times you want to coreograph a fight scene making rapid
> adjustments of one character in response to another.  Ie a character
> pushes anothers shoulder you want to move the shoulder and hand at
> once.  It would be intuitive to be able to grab both the shoulder
> joint of one character, the hand and wrist joints of the other
> character and pull them to the same new location.
> 4) editing multiple objects
> ie i have an axle and a tire - i want to scale the bolt pattern down,
> so the axle plate that it bolts onto needs to scale down also.  So I
> have to join objects, losing their object centers to do this or edit
> them separately.  Also for UVs for games it is common for objects to
> share UV map texture space for more efficient texture layout, again
> you want the object centers seperate since the objects have nothing to
> really do with each other except being present in the same scene.
> Talking with nick bishop he has stated that we already have it
> possible codewise for each object to enter modes, but that globably we
> disallow it.
> It would be desirable to change that.
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