[Bf-committers] status of branches

Tamito KAJIYAMA rd6t-kjym at asahi-net.or.jp
Sat Jan 30 03:37:45 CET 2010


I would like to report the status of the Freestyle branch.

In short, it is too early to merge the branch into the trunk because of its
instability and a number of missing features.  Recently I have been working
mostly on stability improvements, and the branch is much more stable than
it was in the past, but still a considerable amount of work is necessary.

I wrote a blog article last month to summarize the things to do before the
merge into the trunk:

The list of to-do's and rough progress rates at the moment are as follows:

1. Stability issues

1.1 Bug fix regarding the view map creation (80%)
1.2 Bug fix regarding the Blender file loader (50%)
1.3 Orthographic camera (0%)

2. Missing features

2.1 Textured strokes (0%)
2.2 Transparent stroke colors (0%)
2.3 Z depth information (0%)
2.4 Stroke density information (0%)
2.5 Steerable view map (0%)

3. Improvements and new features

3.1 Freestyle Python API improvements (50%)
3.2 Better feature edge detection (0%)

Barts suggested in his comment to the blog article above that less
important features could be postponed until after the merge into the trunk.
I agree with him and I would omit: (2.1) textured strokes; (2.2) transparent
stroke colors; (2.5) steerable view map; and (3.2) better feature edge

It is difficult for me to draw a timeline for the merge due to limited time
resources.  The completion of the to-do's, even with the omission of the
4 items above, is unlikely before the end of March.

With best regards,

KAJIYAMA, Tamito <rd6t-kjym at asahi-net.or.jp>

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> Hi all just thought it might be interesting to get an update on the
> status of some of the branches
> in particular I'm interested in how the following projects are
> progressing, and anticipated timeline (if any) for merging to head
> Nurbana
> BMesh
> Lightpaint
> Freestyle
> any others that I'm overlooking?
> Thanks,
> LetterRip

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