[Bf-committers] Blender 2.5 Python API Introduction.

Charles Wardlaw cwardlaw at marchentertainment.com
Sun Jan 24 17:28:09 CET 2010

> - Renaming section "context" to e.g. "User selection (Context)" might help new users find/understand it faster, as "context" could mean anything if you're not so familiar with the API.

Hmm... I think that the idea of context is too important to link it to just selection.  It's important to know that it's linked to both the selection and the tool settings, etc.  Also the context isn't the same when the user has moused over a different view.

It might be nice if there were a slightly longer explanation of how to be aware of context changes and how to deal with it in your python code, but I don't know if that's something to put on the intro page?

This is a very nice intro, btw.  I did get lost looking for the example panel, but found it eventually.  It might be nice if the example panel were placed before the transform panel in Objects so that the person running the example can find it more quickly if they, like me, don't get what the code is doing on first glance.

Also it would be nice to have the text editor display some sort of indicator when running scripts that shows the script was run successfully.  Something non-modal; I like that 2.5 blocks much less than 2.4x.

~ C

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