[Bf-committers] Shading System Proposals

Wahooney wahooney at wahooney.net
Sun Jan 24 09:11:35 CET 2010


I have a request / proposal for the new shading system, I'm not sure of 
all the particulars, so what I'm about to suggest may be achievable in 
the new system, but here goes anyway...

Currently in Blender's renderer, including 2.5, there doesn't appear to 
be an ambient colour component in the materials. Meaning that if I add a 
white Ambient colour every material gets white added to it, which has 
very limited usefulness, in my opinion, a better system would be to have 
the ambient colour actually 'lift' the diffuse colour of the material, 
or alternatively, for the material to have an ambient colour that gets 
multiplied by the global ambient colour then added to the material, as 
opposed to the current system which appears to just add the global 
ambient colour to everything uniformly.

Like I say, this may be possible in the new system (it may be possible 
in the current system, just very well hidden ;) ), but if it isn't I 
hope it'll be considered.



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