[Bf-committers] IRC meeting minutes, sunday 17 jan 2010

Thomas Dinges dingto at gmx.de
Sun Jan 17 17:03:55 CET 2010

Hi all,

1: Current Projects:

-Campbell mentioned, he worked on python external C/C++ modules in 
blender in his spare time.

-Roger Wickes reports that Sphinx Python API doc gen works excellently. 
He wrote some instructions:

-Campbell will mail to the list with an Py api intro this week.

-Mitchel Stokes (moguri) asked if he could get commit rights.
His patches look good, Nathan and Benoit are fine with it.

2: 2.5 ToDo's

-Matt Ebb mailed a todo list for the next release to the ML

-Every maintainer should check his/her area and write down todo's for 
the next release until next week. We need small and clear todo's

-Goal is to bring tracker down to 2 pages or less.

Release estimation is middle February.

3: Durian

-Campbell mentioned artists are wanting ways to copy data between 
meshes, mirror shapes, mirror Uvs...
The UI for that needs improvement, maybe some kind of data transfer panel.

-Brecht has implemented the first part of the new shading system this 
week. He will commit it next week into a branch.

Note that this new system will break backwards compatibility. Some 
things just don't fit in anymore so it's inevitable.
More infos on that will be posted soon.


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