[Bf-committers] call for revision of RNA - actuators

Dalai Felinto dfelinto at gmail.com
Thu Feb 11 14:50:27 CET 2010

Hi there,

We have 95% of the actuators RNA'ied and I think it's a good time to
ask for review in the rna_actuators.c

The one missing (constraint actuator) is a complicated one that mixes
situations I found in the other actuators and tried to solve on my
own. I would rather know which is the correct solution for those
before tackling this last one. In other words, the file is 100% ready
for revision.

* rna_actuator was made using logic_window.c and DNA_actuator_types.h
as base. All the ui ranges and description were taken from there (with
eventual changes). *

My criteria of organization (for my own sakes):
(a) ENUM props
(b) pointer props (or pointer-to-be)
(c) floats/integers props
(d) array props (vectors, ...)
(e) booleans props (flags)
Followed by the order of appearance in the logic_window.c file.

The big problem here is that Logics use the same DNA for different UI
props very often. For I'm not sure what is the best way to share the
DNA and having different tooltips (in some cases I unified the tooltip
and in others I created 2 rnas for the same dna).

Example of things that I couldn't solve and you will find there:

(1)   142:146  - Two DNA properties sharing the same RNA.
(2)   178:191  - Special get/set functions required
(3)   342:347  - Changing a property needs to affect others (special
get/set again ?)
(4)   709:721  - Camera Actuator - different tooltypes for different
values of types (it can be tackled in the UI eventually)
(5) 1118:1124 - IFDEF in the code (we had that in the logic_window.c
(6) 1149:1156 - In State Actuator mask property needs a template (or
to use layer?)
(7) 1182:1188 - String properties that point to a datablock



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