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Jeroen Bakker j.bakker at atmind.nl
Wed Dec 22 17:30:51 CET 2010


A wise men told me, with great power comes great responsibility. I find 
myself to be a very experienced developer, but still I like that my 
patches are reviewed by other people. With the feedback I get, I can get 
my blender-patches of better quality then before.

Last week I created a simple straight forward patch and got as feedback 
that there was a blendlib function doing the same thing. so I 
re-factored it straight away. In my opinion core developers (module 
owners and maintainers) need SVN rights and when you integrate a branch 
it is needed.

A developer can get recognition in multiple ways, and in my opinion 
recognition and being a committer are two separate things. But I 
understand that for some people becoming a committer is a goal. For me 
personally I have more satisfaction in sharing my knowledge and ideas 
with the community and see it eventually implemented in the trunk. 
Everyone should make this up for themselves though.

Blender itself is a very interesting project, I don't see blender 
developers leave because they can become committers easier somewhere 
else. Also the number of committers also does not effect the quality of 
the code-base. Mostly quality is determined by communication and experience.


On 12/22/2010 04:00 PM, raulf at info.upr.edu.cu wrote:
> Hi :)
> I can´t speak for all wish-to-be-a-committer, just for myself as one of
> them  :)  but I think the main motivation of being a developer is to get
> your work recognised and widely used and the summun of that is to be
> commited in official releases. If too restrictive commit rules make that
> path too hard to go then Blender will not have the dev future granted,
> because always there will be out there another less restrictive project
> willing to make life easier for those that want to share their knowledge
> with the world.
> And by no means more people committing will automatically turn into
> unmaintained/less quality code, I think is the opossit, though is true
> that a review board will always be needed as soon as a project has more
> than one person.
>   I understand also that being a committer is a status that speak about the
> quality/knowledge a person have gather in a project over time so is also
> something that should not be as easily get as suscribing into a web site.
>   For those reasons I think the current rules are fine, and the trend of
> being more permisive from the past is also a good thing since it will
> guarantee the circulation of developers in Blender, this is the most
> important thing to make the project always young.
>> Hi Michael,
>> If people submit patches and we accept several (3 or more?), and they
>> are motivated to hang around and provide more code, and the
>> maintainers of modules are fine, then they can get svn access. When we
>> moved to new projects site I even cleaned up the list, which is
>> currently relatively limited even.
>> http://projects.blender.org/projects/bf-blender/
>> Now we're on that topic, I like to give access to Mario Kishalmi (lmg)
>> now too, he submitted great small patches for bug fixes and small
>> usability improvements. After approving several it's time to have him
>> do commits himself. He'll be working with me, and I'll keep an eye on
>> what he does. :)
>> -Ton-
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>> On 22 Dec, 2010, at 7:36, Michael Fox wrote:
>>> Recently i have noticed a rathur alarming trend in that its getting
>>> extreamly easy to become a commitor, especially in bf-extensions. I
>>> was
>>> once a position you had to earn and work hard for, now you show up
>>> with
>>> a patch or 2, and you become a commiter.
>>> The result of this is causing me concern as i think the standard of
>>> code
>>> is going fall quite drastically and blender is splintered enough as it
>>> is, failing to follow the paradigms and rules that were developed.
>>> is anyone else noticing this or am i just being paranoid again
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