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Campbell Barton ideasman42 at gmail.com
Wed Dec 22 08:55:29 CET 2010

On Wed, Dec 22, 2010 at 6:53 AM, Nathan Letwory
<nathan at letworyinteractive.com> wrote:
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> On 22.12.2010 8:36, Michael Fox wrote:
>> Recently i have noticed a rathur alarming trend in that its getting
>> extreamly easy to become a commitor, especially in bf-extensions. I was
>> once a position you had to earn and work hard for, now you show up with
>> a patch or 2, and you become a commiter.
> bf-extensions is separate from bf-blender precisely because it's
> intended as a place where user/community can improve on existing
> scripts. There is a fairly strict policy on what goes into bf-extensions
> trunk and what stays into contrib. There is a way of showing warnings to
> users for scripts downloaded and installed from ie. contrib, whether
> there are issues with it or not.
> Now, if you're talking about bf-blender SVN, that even got a clean-up
> before the migration. It still isn't _that_ easy to get write access to
> bf-blender SVN.
>> The result of this is causing me concern as i think the standard of code
>> is going fall quite drastically and blender is splintered enough as it
>> is, failing to follow the paradigms and rules that were developed.
> I don't foresee any drastic code quality reduction compared to what we
> already have
>> is anyone else noticing this or am i just being paranoid again
> Can't say I've seen disturbing development in bf-blender or
> bf-extensions - and where bugs are found, patches can be made to improve.
> /Nathan

As Nathan says- This is extensions only issue,
Rather then jumping to the conclusion easier access == worse code, we
can consider how to scale up whilst having good peer review and

For 2.4x we managed to have crappy scripts even though it was hard to
get access, go figure :)

I'm mainly concerned that the scripts released with blender work well
- "scripts/addons".
Closer to release we can assign experienced devs to review, with time
to have the authors make requested improvements.
If scripts are unmaintained or really not up to scratch that can be
moved to contrib, this should be a last resort. not move scripts back
an forth based on minor glitches.

Luca and I have discussed these issues at length but I'm not sure how
much of it is widely known/documented?

As for getting scripts to be better quality, we are not really
prepared for this yet. there is no up-to-date docs about good practice
for script authors.

So for now I'd rather keep going as we have been, If devs want to make
sure addons are good quality thats great,
even on a user level with testing & reporting bugs helps.

- Campbell

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