[Bf-committers] A proposal for further 2.5x UI evolution

Alberto Torres kungfoobar at gmail.com
Fri Dec 17 11:39:33 CET 2010

My thoughts:

1. I don't think it's neccesary to fixate panel order, but I think
it's *very* necessary to fixate (or at least make default) the
image/clouds/voronoi/etc panel of the texture properties to the top.
It's the #1 can't-find thing in blender in my experience.

2. Although I don't like to have all panels as buttons where only one
of them can be viewed at once, I think the idea of having all panel
titles visible at once is very useful. My suggestion is to collapse
all panels at once when doing e.g. doucle click to a header.

3. Another thing that would enhance the properties UI a lot are
columns: have a configurable max width for colums and split when
necessary. That way you can fullscreen the area and see all parameters
at once instead scrolling across extremely long buttons which
definitely aren't easier to find.

4. Corner splitters are misleading: not all area of the corner is
functional. It should draw exactly the area where you can click and
drag. And/or pop visually when you mouse enter the corner.

5. When there are too many open panels (those such as T and N in 3D
view), it's too easy to mistake area borders with panel borders. There
should be a clearer visual cue. Also (+) icons are too small, 50% of
the time we miss the click.

6. Clicking panel headers which are also checkboxes should
enable/disable them, just like the rest of checkboxes. Either that or
make all panels expand/collapse when clicking the name.

Bug: the (+) icon of the operator panel is on the right and it should
be on the left.

I have other thoughts/wishlist but it's not related to the proposal of
this thread.


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