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Nathan Letwory nathan at blender.org
Mon Dec 6 22:02:56 CET 2010

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The actual upgrade for projects.blender.org (pbo) is coming closer and
closer, thus time to write a short e-mail about what is going to happen
and when.

By the looks of it either Wednesday or Thursday the final transition
will happen, meaning that SVN and pbo are down for the duration. I'll
send another message to the mailing list when we have a final date and
start time set.

We're migrating from GForge to FusionForge. Paired with this some
cleanups and changes will be done.

To start I'll have the database upgraded to the correct database scheme
for the software we'll be using. After that cleaning means that I'll be
removing all user accounts that never got activated (around 10k). I'll
also be removing so-called artifact messages for artifacts that have had
their last change mid-summer 2008. Most of this is spam, so no harm done
there. That'll be around 640k database entries gone. (Spam was probably
the biggest reason that pbo got 'locked-down' in the first place).

In the current pbo version we have for bug reports two fields that are
closely related: Resolution and Status. Resolution could be one of None,
New, Investigate, Ready, Approved, Rejected, Postponed, Fixed,
Duplicate, Todo. Status could be Open or Closed. Since there is no
enforcing of what resolutions can be used with what status it could
happen that a report is New and Closed, which obviously doesn't make sense.

The new tracker will have only one field: Status, but each status is
automatically either Open or Closed It'll have New (Open), Investigate
(Open), Ready (Open), Fixed (Closed) and Rejected (Closed). This covers
the resolutions and statuses used in the old tracker pretty much in all

Based on this I'll probably have a simple workflow attached to our
bugtracker(s) as well: from what status to what status a report can be
moved, and when not.

The Duplicate resolution will be removed from Status, instead a
Duplicate relation field will be added, where bugtracker grinders can
set whenever they find a duplicate report. As per my short screencast
[1] this will allow for a lot of automation.

Tomorrow I'll be also testing SVN Tracker plugin for our now site. If
the results are satisfying, we'll have some hooks that will check commit
messages for certain keywords and patterns. Developers then should be
able to mark bugs fixed by using the commit message. Since we already do
format most of our commit messages accordingly, this will most likely
just work without changes from developers :)

Another thing that I'll be doing is removing old and inactive projects.
See [2] for the current list of projects (over 30) that will be removed
from the database. The SVNs probably will remain in read-only mode, but
the projects themselves will no longer be hosted on pbo. Many projects
already have found another home, but there are also many projects that
haven't seen any activity since their registration, or simply no
activity for 3,4 or more years.

This means also a slight change in pbo policy regarding project hosting.
- From now on only projects that arise from internal needs will be
eligable for project hosting, if deemed necessary. Many potential
project ideas will find their home with the bf-extensions project, where
as a Python extension much can be done.

I think I've got most bases covered now.



[2] http://www.pasteall.org/17404

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