[Bf-committers] Node-able render pipeline

Christopher Cherrett ccherrett at openoctave.org
Wed Dec 1 23:28:30 CET 2010

Matt Ebb wrote:
> On Thu, Dec 2, 2010 at 8:50 AM, pete larabell<xgl.asyliax at gmail.com>  wrote:
>> Brecht,
>> What Jae was specifically talking about while discussing this with me was to
>> be able to do just about whatever you can do through the assembly
>> instructions on modern GPUs, but via nodes.
> Hi, I think unless you have a lot of knowledge of render architecture,
> shading systems, and experience in production rendering, this may not
> be such a good project. Designing a rendering system is about *a lot*
> more than converting math to GPU assembly instructions, it really does
> require a lot of background knowledge of the issues involved in order
> to make something that's useful for artists.
> If you're hooked on the idea, perhaps it might be easier to look at
> (or at least investigate the feasibility) of integrating a node based
> shading architecture into an existing renderer with a more modern
> design, perhaps one already using GPU for some things, like luxrender.
> That should at least give you an idea of the complexities involved.
> cheers
> Matt
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On the other hand..... no better way to learn than to do :)

Christopher Cherrett
ccherrett at openoctave.org

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