[Bf-committers] BlenderPocket and iPhone/iTouch

Damien Plisson damien.plisson at yahoo.fr
Sun Sep 27 09:02:50 CEST 2009

Ghost port effort to Cocoa is just re-beginning now. The good news is  
that we are now working on it. But you'll have to give us a few weeks  
to have a full working version ;)

You can get the details on the updated wiki page :


Le 26 sept. 2009 à 23:44, Salvatore Russo a écrit :

> Hi Guys ;)
> To be sure that there are not misunderstandings:
> 1) BlenderPocket is today perfectly running my PocketPC (Asus 620BT)
> with CPU:400MHZ, no OpenGL ES hadware acceleration at all and 30MB of
> free RAM, with a screen 320X240. An ipod touch 2G has a CPU:533MHZ,
> OpenGL ES hadware acceleration with PowerVR GPU and has 50MB of free  
> (total of 128MB), with a screen 480X320. And as a bonus, you have  
> multi
> touch (with the best quality of screen I ever seen) and an  
> accelerometer.
> 2) It is hard for me to defend the use of BlenderPocket since I worked
> hard on this project ;) I am not objective at all ;) But what I can  
> say
> is that I played a lot with it...
> 3) The UI of BlenderPocket is already using only OpenGL ES functions.
> I will clarify the context of my questions/remarks:
> 1) Ghost doesn't have a cocoa version and if one (even experimental)  
> is
> available somewhere, it will save me lot of time and would help me to
> concentrate on the real issues: making it work with Cocoatouch and  
> find
> the best methaphors to manipulate blender only with fingerS. I just  
> need
> cocoa to create a window (to initialyze OpenGL contect) and catch low
> level events.
> 2) Concerning jailbreaking, you are not able to send any application  
> in
> the device unless you pay 90€ to Apple and Apple has to accept the
> application... And I have some doubt that Apple will ever accept this
> very experimental project not totally consistent with "the way they  
> see
> the world". And even if Apple would accept it, Blenderpocket is really
> not at the level of quality of what the Blender Foundation produce and
> it could damage the image of Blender. BlenderPocket is experimental  
> and
> I never pretended something else ;)
> 3) For Python, I didn't said it will not work on itouch (I am sure the
> contrary), it is just that I didn't analyzed the situation  
> carefully...
> Salvatore
> http://russose.free.fr/
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