[Bf-committers] BlenderPocket and iPhone/iTouch

Salvatore Russo russose at gmail.com
Sat Sep 26 23:44:29 CEST 2009

Hi Guys ;)

To be sure that there are not misunderstandings:

1) BlenderPocket is today perfectly running my PocketPC (Asus 620BT) 
with CPU:400MHZ, no OpenGL ES hadware acceleration at all and 30MB of 
free RAM, with a screen 320X240. An ipod touch 2G has a CPU:533MHZ, 
OpenGL ES hadware acceleration with PowerVR GPU and has 50MB of free RAM 
(total of 128MB), with a screen 480X320. And as a bonus, you have multi 
touch (with the best quality of screen I ever seen) and an accelerometer.
2) It is hard for me to defend the use of BlenderPocket since I worked 
hard on this project ;) I am not objective at all ;) But what I can say 
is that I played a lot with it...
3) The UI of BlenderPocket is already using only OpenGL ES functions.

I will clarify the context of my questions/remarks:

1) Ghost doesn't have a cocoa version and if one (even experimental) is 
available somewhere, it will save me lot of time and would help me to 
concentrate on the real issues: making it work with Cocoatouch and find 
the best methaphors to manipulate blender only with fingerS. I just need 
cocoa to create a window (to initialyze OpenGL contect) and catch low 
level events.

2) Concerning jailbreaking, you are not able to send any application in 
the device unless you pay 90€ to Apple and Apple has to accept the 
application... And I have some doubt that Apple will ever accept this 
very experimental project not totally consistent with "the way they see 
the world". And even if Apple would accept it, Blenderpocket is really 
not at the level of quality of what the Blender Foundation produce and 
it could damage the image of Blender. BlenderPocket is experimental and 
I never pretended something else ;)

3) For Python, I didn't said it will not work on itouch (I am sure the 
contrary), it is just that I didn't analyzed the situation carefully...


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