[Bf-committers] blender2.5's new IK

Goat Man goatman.py at gmail.com
Thu Sep 17 21:54:55 CEST 2009

Fantastic upgrade Benoit!  I am really looking forward to digging deep into
new rigging possibilities with this.
Thanks, trying now...

On Thu, Sep 17, 2009 at 11:44 PM, Benoit Bolsee <benoit.bolsee at online.be>wrote:

> Hi,
> Since the last Emails on this subject I added a couple of features that
> should be useful to animators.
> First I implemented an 'animation' mode where the solver operates like
> the old one: the solver is stateless and uses the pose from Fcurves
> interpolation as the start pose before the IK convergence. Still the new
> solver is significantly faster (4x) and provides features that are
> inherant to iTaSC: multiple targets per bone and multiple types of
> constraints (currently only CopyPose and Distance).
> The second feature is a joint rotation constraint that allows to control
> the bone rotation while the IK solver is tracking the targets. If both
> cannot be achieved at the same time, the solver will do a balance
> between the constraints based on their relative weights. Many
> applications can be derived from this concept:
> - manual tuning of IK pose by rotating bones in the UI
> - give preferred direction for certain bones (relative to parent bone)
> - automatic deviation from precorded actions based on a cartesian
> constraint (e.g. avoid an obstacle)
> - smoothing of a precorded action based on robot dynamics (e.g. max
> velocity)
> - control the joint angle by python
> A test build with documentation is available on Graphicall if you want
> to give it a try.
> /benoit
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