[Bf-committers] color scheme for 2.5

Chris Want cwant at ualberta.ca
Thu Sep 10 19:39:31 CEST 2009

Tom M wrote:
> Has any thought been given to rethinking the color scheme for Blender 2.5 ?
> I'd like to suggest we do it ASAP if we are going to.  The reason
> being is that tutorial authors and documenters are already doing
> screenshots etc. and of course the icon work that is being done.
> I would strongly recommend that we consider changing at least the
> colors used in the 3D view, the color of the default cube, vertex,
> edge, and face, outline, and other colors.

I'm not too pleased about some of the color (and other choices)
in the buttons part of the UI. For example, in 2.4 the 'Render'
button was this big colorful thing that really stood out and
was easy to find (or perhaps "impossible to miss" would be
more accurate). In Blender 2.5 it is a small button with a
icon that's hard to see (without a magnifying glass) and it
says "Image". Why not make it bigger to emphasize it's
importance and give it a little color?

I'm not against sticking to standards for UI, but I think
having some visual landmarks amongst the uniformity would


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