[Bf-committers] SVN Changes: Move 2.5 branch to trunk

Martin Poirier theeth at yahoo.com
Thu Sep 10 16:15:38 CEST 2009


As decided in meeting, I'll be moving the 2.5 branch to trunk some time soon (I'd aim for Saturday morning EST, unless someone strongly objects).

Here's the plan:


During all of these steps, it is crucial that nobody touches trunk and the 2.5 branch, so I'd like to freeze all of svn for the day of the change (up until I give the final ok).

* Copy trunk/blender to branches/blender2.4
* Tag trunk/lib to tags/lib2.4 (this way we have a backup if someone wants to build the 2.4 branch)
* Delete trunk/blender
* Copy branches/blender2.5 to trunk/blender
* Delete branches/blender2.5 (we want to make sure nobody commits there anymore, or it will be a mess).


Here's how users can cope with the change:

For branches/blender2.5 checkouts, it will only be a matter of doing a svn switch from the root of the checkout like so:

svn switch https://svn.blender.org/svnroot/bf-blender/trunk/blender

This will update your svn checkout to the trunk version (should be an empty update) and modify all your svn info to point there. Your checkout doesn't have to be up to date before doing that.

checkouts of trunk can do the same sort of thing to switch to the new branch.


For trunk/blender checkouts, doing a normal svn up will do the trick:

svn up

!!HOWEVER!! That will not remove any non-svn managed files (temporary diff files, .pyc files, ...) from the source and these will block the removal of directories that might have been removed.

To alleviate this issue, I've written a small python script that deletes all non-versioned files from a tree. The script will list all non-versioned files and then ask if you want to delete all of them.



Tiny FAQ:

Q: How will this affect other branches like GSOC or itasc?
A: It won't. All branches from 2.5 can continue merging trunk changes instead of blender2.5 branch changes if they want to keep up to date.

Q: Do those branches have to be merged up to date with blender2.5 before the move?
A: No. All pending changes can be merged after the move the usual way but pointing to trunk url instead of branch.

Q: I have checkouts of both the 2.5 branch and of trunk (2.49), what's the fastest way to up to the new 2.5 trunk?
A: svn switch on your 2.5 branch checkout. If your working copy is up to date, this is an empty update. You can then delete your old trunk (2.49) checkout if you don't want it anymore.

Q: What if I try an svn update on a checkout of the 2.5 branch after the move has been done?
A: The svn server will reply that the path does not exist. Use svn switch to change your svn data to the new url.


So, that's about it. Unless anybody objects, I'll do that Saturday morning and will be on irc helping out people doing to the move throughout the day, should any issue arise.

Any questions?


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