[Bf-committers] I am back, to se what can be done for the Cocoa/Mac OS X port

johnmadstone at yahoo.it johnmadstone at yahoo.it
Thu Sep 10 14:17:18 CEST 2009

Hello guys,

the last time (it was about 2 or 3 months ago) I had some problems with 
the mainling list. I had to unsubscribe, with the intention to subscribe 
again immediatelly, but I got busy because of a job.

Now I am back, but it is hard to find back the old post I written here 
about it. I remember that someone answered me.

In this period I started to analize GHOST, that is the part that also Mr 
Rage tried to modify. And based on his start I developed some ideas 
about Blender and its possible Cocoa port.

I am a man who likes simple things. I think that mapping all C++ classes 
of GHOST in to Objective-C++ classes can lead to really complex 
architecture, hard to manage and, possibly, it can have some problems.

The main problem is that i don't like to much the Objcetive-C++ mix. I 
prefer plain C, C++ or Objective-C.

I think that it would be faster and better to implement a Objective-C 
counterpart of C++ GHOST API to directly implement the C headers for 
GHOST, as it is currently done by C++ API.

Apart the previous opinions I can follow MrRage work, if you think it is 
better to go on towards that way.

Can you summarize me the current state? And list the developers team for 
Mac/Cocoa port, if any?



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