[Bf-committers] Rigging limitations / IK Features

Martin Poirier theeth at yahoo.com
Tue Sep 1 16:19:18 CEST 2009

--- On Tue, 9/1/09, Charles Wardlaw <cwardlaw at marchentertainment.com> wrote:

> Okay, but why are they two separate constraints when one
> would do?

There are legitimate cases (from a user's perspective) where having them separate is more useful/more simple.

It also means they can be more easily combined with other constraints (ie: you can add "pole" targets to any other constraints by just adding a Locked Track after, without having to define both a track and a pole target).

IIRC, the original philosophy for constraints was to have simple constraints that can be combined together to make something more complex, instead of having a smaller number of constraints with lots of options.

> As a side note: why is it called Track / Locked Track
> instead of Aim / Pole
> Vector?

Locked Track is called that way because it tracks with one axis "locked".

Track To being called like that probably dates back to the amiga or something.

Historical reasons, in a nutshell.


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