[Bf-committers] Texture UI problem

Nicholas Bishop nicholasbishop at gmail.com
Sat Nov 28 03:24:02 CET 2009

Hi all,

The texture panel has a couple problems with selecting the source of
the texture slots.
* For editing world textures, you have to first select the world tab,
then the texture tab (being careful to not accidentally hit any
neighboring tabs!) This is annoying to use.
* For brush textures, it's a little better; there's a toggle for
showing the brush texture slots. This still has a problem, however, if
you go into sculpt mode on an object that doesn't have a material. If
the brush-texture toggle hasn't already been set, the texture tab
won't show up at all.

In 2.4x we had four buttons, to switch between material, world, lamp,
and brush textures. I propose we return to that UI for now, and make
the texture tab always visible. This should be simple to do, and make
the texture UI more intuitive.



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