[Bf-committers] Texture UI problem

Vilem Novak pildanovak at post.cz
Sat Nov 28 16:26:51 CET 2009

I think this problem is wider than this.
I am not happy with having all those empty panels in the new UI, since I thought this is one of annoying things to disappear.
Possible solution:
Instead on adding a texture (particles, simulation system) could be done through a well placed menu(immediately calling the right context and displaying the properties section/panel). 
Also, it would be nice to have the context to react to selection/clicking in outliner.
then, clicking world there would automaticaly go to world settings, and clicking a texture slot in outliner would go the the wanted texture.
This kind of navigation could also be done through some added little icon next to things which have their own context - like in world buttons next to each texture in stack there would be a little button to access the properties/context of the texture.

For orientation, I would also like to propose 3 buttons in the header of property window(and also 'last operator' area) - back, forward, pin.
back - goes to what was in the property button previously
forward - go forward if you allready went back
pin - pin the property window - with this you could have 2 property windows each displaying different context, possibly dragging values between them, or copy-pasting them, or just having the possibility to compare these 2 views, or maybe even connecting - linking properties(as drivers).

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> Od: Nicholas Bishop <nicholasbishop at gmail.com>
> Předmět: [Bf-committers] Texture UI problem
> Datum: 28.11.2009 03:33:15
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> Hi all,
> The texture panel has a couple problems with selecting the source of
> the texture slots.
> * For editing world textures, you have to first select the world tab,
> then the texture tab (being careful to not accidentally hit any
> neighboring tabs!) This is annoying to use.
> * For brush textures, it's a little better; there's a toggle for
> showing the brush texture slots. This still has a problem, however, if
> you go into sculpt mode on an object that doesn't have a material. If
> the brush-texture toggle hasn't already been set, the texture tab
> won't show up at all.
> In 2.4x we had four buttons, to switch between material, world, lamp,
> and brush textures. I propose we return to that UI for now, and make
> the texture tab always visible. This should be simple to do, and make
> the texture UI more intuitive.
> Thoughts?
> -Nicholas
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