[Bf-committers] I volunteer to maintain the 'deprecated' BGE python methods

José Ignacio jose.cyborg at gmail.com
Thu May 7 00:35:47 CEST 2009

+1 to Campbell's reply.

Erwin, why are you so insistent on keeping the old cruft, as Campbell
stated, blender 2.5 is gonna change enough to render most (if not all)
the existing books obsolete anyway, plus your Bullet updates always
broke my game (and probably other games that depend heavily on
bullet's behavior) between releases, it takes me work to get the game
working as before because they were mostly SUBTLE, undocumented (well,
at least not as clearly) and difficult to track changes, not as
explicit as a bunch of clear method deprecation warnings :/

I know you are pretty much one of the "parents" of the BGE, while i'm
a simple user. Nothing personal to you, but i just don't understand
your reasoning. which is the real reason you want to keep all those

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