[Bf-committers] Compositor behavior change (Roger Wickes)

Charles Kowalski alxarch at gmail.com
Wed Jun 3 03:35:50 CEST 2009

i'd like to say that i think the current solution is quite ok. The confusion
comes from the wording of "proxy" and what user expects from other video
editing software. The sequencer needs a resolution setting that is
autonomous from the render settings. For better customisability this might
be also a per-strip setting. So i suggest the following:
a) For zooming in the view have 1,2,4 keys (1:1, 1:2, 1:4) set zoomlevel to
be consistent with other image windows (render window, uv) and also add
these in the view menu in the header in a zoom submenu to distinguish from
resolution. Also have the zooming with wheel cycle through these.
b) Have the new dropdown renamed to "preview resolution" and use physical
world words like "full", "half", "quarter" as settings so as to distinguish
from zooming. Also add a submenu in the view menu named "preview resolution"
with these settings. Note that even Avid only uses half/full seting with a
toggle button but with HD and maybe 4k with durian having support for
quarter (25%) resolution might come in handy
c) Have a second (overriding for all views) preview resolution setting per
strip to dodge specific strips that are heavy for realtime. This is probably
can be implemented if proxy settings (which are per-strip) use an autonomous
size setting and make a simple script (included in bf-release) to set sizes
for all proxies. Have proxies disable themselves when rendering (so as to
get correct size from render settings). Proxys should scale to view
resolution. So if a strip has proxy set to 50% and view is 25% then it
should scale to 1/2 not 1/4 for that strip.
d) Output resolution will be set ONLY by render buttons

I think this way will be the most consistent way to go both for in-blender
consistency and other-apps consistency

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