[Bf-committers] Compositor behavior change (Roger Wickes)

mindrones mindrones at yahoo.it
Wed Jun 3 01:41:30 CEST 2009


I'm one of those who find weird changing render settings to use proxies :)

The reason is that I'd prefer to be sure that when I use the 25%,50%,75%
switches I get final render but at lower resolution, not lower quality.

If you do a test render at 25% of a strip which has a proxy you get frames 
a quarter resolution _AND_ at the quality of the proxy, which is bad quality. The same render at 25% removing the proxy on that strip is much better.

So in this particular case you have to remove all the proxies by hand, 
which is the reason why I usually do some python to get rid of all the 
proxies before rendering at less than 100%.

I'm reporting this case because often it's useful to show work in progress 
to your clients but at lower resolution (less render time, less download 
time when sending via email, mail sizes limits, etc), without degrading too
much though.

On Tue, 6/2/09, Christopher Cherrett wrote:

> Those settings should be with the action you are
> preforming, 
> say in the proxy tab.

the proxy tab shows infos based on the selected strip, so with the new 
behaviour it would mean having proxies of different quality in the edit, 
which could be ok.

To me the best place where to set the proxy quality would be the sequencer 
header, which is related to all the strips.

In the render settings, somewhere near the "Do sequence" button I'd like to have
a toggle to choose if the renders uses sequencer proxies or not (yes by default) 
which shows up when choosing "Do sequence", so that once we press the render button
we can see the no-proxy quality at the resolution set in the render settings,
without removing proxies all over when rendering a final <100%.

Regarding the annoyance I agree with Peter.
I suggest to put a toggle in the sequencer header (not in the preview's 
header which is often hidden) to force the preview window to show the clip 
as it is when you press the "home" button with the mouse on it, or more 
interestingly to stick to the same preview position and zoom the user has 
when the toggle gets pressed (say like a pin), so that on a proxy at 50% the
user will see a lower quality preview, but at the same dimensions and 
position as for other different proxy qualities.

This "pin" option would be useful to keep a zoom on a part of the frame 
while editing switching among proxy qualities (25÷100%), which is useful 
when trying to focus on details, or match things accurately across strips.

(By the way, at maximum zoom it's actually impossible to move the preview
to see the borders of the preview itself :)





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