[Bf-committers] 2.5 UI font

GSR gsr.b3d at infernal-iceberg.com
Wed Dec 9 18:20:46 CET 2009

matt at mke3.net (2009-12-09 at 1814.21 +1100):
> * Should be *simple* and easy for non-designer coders to use and  
> maintain, with minimal effort (this disagrees with ideas of making two  
> completely custom layouts for horz and vert)

It seems there is an user base with good motives for a first class
horizontal layout, so instead of having a group grumbling about how
they have to cope up with something else, you can redirect them into
doing something positive: maintain the other layout in a unified way
and benefit everyone.

> * Should be elegantly expandable, so that when new features are added  
> or new options appear (eg. modifiers, constraints, whatever comes  
> next) the whole UI isn't rearranged, which ruins muscle memory. (this  
> disagrees with designs that push panels back and forth, jumping to  
> different columns).

Please explain this point because currently vertical layout pushes
around other panels when one above changes or by adding new panels
(easy test, enter and exit mode for mesh, transform changes size and
mesh view appears).

> * Should make good use of available space

Forcing vertical, as is or via automatic convert, into horizontal does

> * Should be clear, organised and quick and easy to find something if  
> you don't already know where it is

See point above about avaliable space.


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