[Bf-committers] Wondering about the review of the command port patch...

Toni Alatalo antont at kyperjokki.fi
Sun Sep 21 09:23:30 CEST 2008

Dietrich Bollmann kirjoitti:
>>      Sorry ... I initially wrote the command port for myself and
>>      didn't intend to publish the code.  So some changes and
> Me myself!


> frustration.  You are happy without it, I am happy using my own branch
> and if there ever should be some other person who wants it he can apply

i think there are people who want things like it, it is an interesting 
effort - that's also why people care so much that all these posts about 
it were written.

in a way the feature you have made works also as setting requirements 
for the 2.50 event system - the new architecture there should make 
things like that easy to do, dunno if the mechnism will be some sort of 
polling or what but anyway. oh seems that Stephen also already mentioned 
later in these messages that talk he had with Ton about that on IRC the 
other day.

> ...Still, I like the idea of a second repository where everybody can
> start his own branch to play around with.  There would be one official
> branch using those things which the official developers agree on and
> everybody else would be happy to work on his own version easily
> upgradable to the latest trunk revision and to other persons additions
> and without any need to get things accepted...

well there was now the good news that people are starting to host a git 
repo. anyone can do that. also if someone prefers/needs hg/mercurial or 
bzr afaik they can just mirror one off the bf svn too. so do just use 
e.g. the git repo to see how things go. there you can basically make 
your own branch, from where people who want the feature in that branch 
can pull that part of the code.

i still wonder if using such distributed version control would also help 
the company that was asking here for own branch. should be better than 
forking a separate internal svn, 'cause svn can't track changes from 
many places (i.e. the own internal repo stuff & BF). in other projects 
(i'm mostly following ipython) distributed versioning systems seem to 
help people on the personal level too, e.g. the technique of creating 
branches for features while developing seems helpful .. to avoid the 
problem of getting work on different issues mixed if you just have one 
working copy (e.g. a svn checkout) and work on several things.

btw there used to be an experimental / wild tree of blender development 
back in the cvs days even, the Tuhopuu (tree of destruction, a Finnish 
name :) - but the burden of synching it got eventually to be too much 
for the admins. but it was succesful for quite a long time in the sense 
that many cool things got done and to use even (some artists used 
tuhopuu for some things and regular blender for others).

so having such unofficial / experimental Blenders has a good history 
already, and hopefully the new tools make working on them more practical 
and beneficial for the main line development too. interesting times, i'd 
say, don't loose hope :) .. global open source dev is still a relatively 
young activity and projects can learn.


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