[Bf-committers] Listing of Supported platforms by active developers.

Stefan Gartner stefang at aon.at
Mon Oct 20 19:05:53 CEST 2008

On Monday, 20. October 2008, Timothy Baldridge wrote:
> Don't know if you want to put this on the list or not, but I'm in the
> process of keeping a IRIX port up-to-date. I'm currently working with
> Scons and MIPSPro 7.2. I know it's an older system, but allot of us
> hobbist SGI guys want a recent blender. I may not spend too much time
> on the game engine, so this may stay a "rendering only" build.
> Development: SGI Irix 6.5 Origin350 8x 700Mhz R16000 (Headless)
> Testing: SGI Irix 6.5 Octane 2x 300Mhz R10000 V8 Graphics
> Timothy Baldridge

What a coincidence :) I'm in the process of getting blender to compile on Irix 
6.5 using gcc and gnu make. So far it builds & links fine, but crashes when 
loading files created with blender >= 2.45 on other platforms. Could you 
check if the MIPSPro build has the same issues?

My build system is a 400 MHz R12k Octane with V8 Graphics.

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