[Bf-committers] 2.46a TODO

Daniel Genrich daniel.genrich at gmx.net
Wed Jun 4 06:55:46 CEST 2008


I was one of the devs voting for a soon 2.46a bugfix release. That's 
what "a" release numbers are for, right? :-)
There shouldn't be any problems with a soon 2.46a release since we have 
a nice, clean and stable branch, maintained by Diego!


Campbell Barton schrieb:
>> We never agreed on 1-3 weeks. We even discussed having it in time for SIGGRAPH (1/2 weeks before to be sure).
>> But in either case, make a list of open issues is a good idea.
>> Martin
> I clearly recall, (3 to 5) dev's agreeing on a 2.46a bugfix only
> release 'soon' - (a few weeks), just to get rid of the crashers and
> bugs. If this doesn't count as being agree'd on, then IMHO we should
> bring it up again next meeting.
> Ofcourse this is a bit vague, there may be some bugs uncovered that
> stretch it out longer. (too bad I don't have xchat logs)
> Id suggest hcubes work go in trunk and we keep a fairly strict policy,
> no features for 2.46a (except for the face snapping stuff that will
> make everyone go nuts!) - details for inclusion can be figured out
> later but should be minimal.
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