[Bf-committers] Blender, CSG and Carve.

Tobias Sargeant tobias.sargeant at gmail.com
Wed Feb 13 00:43:36 CET 2008


I'm the developer of Carve, a fast and robust CSG library (there's
some information here: http://carve-csg.com/). It is currently a
commercial product, licensed to a major mining software company. For a
long time I've considered dual licensing Carve along the same lines of
Qt (free for non-commercial use, separate license for commercial use),
specifically so that it could be incorporated into Blender. I believe
that Carve improves significantly on the CSG code currently available
in Blender.

I'd like to know, first, whether there's any interest from blender
developers in pursuing this (maybe CSG isn't an important enough
feature; I'm not sure). If there is, is there anyone who has
experience or advice regarding the associated licensing issues?


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