[Bf-committers] Blender 2.47, Release builds, Vol. 3

bf-committers at blender.org bf-committers at blender.org
Sat Aug 23 14:55:05 CEST 2008

Diego Hernan Borghetti wrote on 20080816:

> https://svn.blender.org/svnroot/bf-blender/tags/blender-2-47-release
> Let me know when the binaries are ready and if you can add the md5sum to
> the reply mail will be great, thanks all for rere-build :)

Sorry for the late build. 
06b20e21038380e61c93be4203b46289 blender-2.47.0-freebsd-7.0-i386-py2.5.tar.bz2

   Hans Lambermont

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