[Bf-committers] 2.47 showstopper bug in the BGE.

Daniel Genrich daniel.genrich at gmx.net
Sat Aug 16 22:28:16 CEST 2008


@ DingTo: I don't agree with you. An "a" release is normally what 2.47 
would have been called ;)

@ Diego: If it's a showstopper, let's have the binaries rebuild and make 
a nice 2.47, no half things IMHO :)

Greetings and thanks to all for great 2.47 branch work!
Genscher / Daniel

> Hello all,
> the 2.47 release is mainly a bug-fix release. just a few improvements in 
> other categories.
> When I look at the release notes in the wiki, i see that you have fixed 
> much bugs.
> So my oppinion: make the 2.47 release now and if there are really big 
> bugs make a 2.47a in 2-3 weeks.
> I think it's more important to have the 2.47 release now with all the 
> fixes in particle system and animation system which are interesting for 
> a very large group of people instead of fixing little bugs who are just 
> interesting for a hand of people. Please dont misunderstand me.
> Nothing in Blender is unimportant, the GE is very good and got better 
> the last weeks with the Apricot project. But it isnt a real showstopper 
> in my eyes.
> So all in all: Do the 2.47 now, and make a 2.47a release if you'll see 
> the need of such a release in a few weeks. We really should start with 
> 2.50 instead of fixing all bugs in the 2.4x series.
> Greetings Thomas
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