[Bf-committers] call for test build 2 -- Attention Devroo

Jasper Mine jaspermine at earthlink.net
Mon Apr 14 16:18:10 CEST 2008

Devroo and all,

I feel I may have the better compile of blender for osx intel, now  
including ffmpeg, for both stock and current python.

After a bit of looking around and discussion with devroo and lukep  
several issues arise:

	Optimization levels are -02 in my compile as per release  
instruction, although assumed otherwise by testers of RC1.
	Bug [#8935] FFMPEG crash on Blender 2.46 RC2 (2.45 16) OSX Intel  
exists in the devroo compile.
	Devroo compile is larger in size, 4.5 MB larger.

I understand that my version may have some rendering artifacts which  
I would like to see examples of, part of the reason for suspicions of  
unofficial optimizing.

As of this writing my compile seems to work on my and one others  
machine.  So I'm looking for feedback on what is the best course of  

Blender 2.46 RC 2.5 for use on Mac OSX intel with python2.5  
installed:  http://www.asvattha.com/blenderstuff/blender-2.45.16- 

I'd also like to add this would have been done the very next day  
after being notified of missing ffmpeg, however I just relocated with  
moving and no internet, was reason for delay.  So thank-you devroo  
for stepping in and making some headway with this.


On Mar 31, 2008, at 2:23 PM, Jasper Mine wrote:

> Hello,
> Here it is for OSX intel, this is py2.5 compatible:
> http://www.asvattha.com/blenderstuff/blender-2.46-RC2-OSX-10.3- 
> py2.5-intel.tar.bz2
> And Blender 2.46 for OSX intel using stock py2.3:
> http://www.asvattha.com/blenderstuff/blender-2.46-RC2-OSX-10.3- 
> py2.3-intel.tar.bz2
> Thanks
> JasperMine

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