[Bf-committers] Ukrainian translation for Blender 2.46RC

Serhij Dubyk / Сергій Дубик dubyk at library.lviv.ua
Sun Apr 6 18:54:40 CEST 2008

Good Day

Here is updated Ukrainian face for next new release of Blender.

All interested files are packed in Ukrainian_Blender_2_46RC.tar.bz2

By default in Blender 2.45-2.46RC can't switch to Ukrainian - need to
modified file ".Blanguages" and edit one line
(maybe because in most distro Ukrainian locale uk_UA now)

(for Windows it's not have matter - can switch to Ukrainian with uk and

This file I got from my old uk.po and as pot was used it.po as most full
(at my opinion)

for task "it.po -> blender.pot"
was used script "po2pot.py" (present in archive)

But some few number of stings for translation I added manually, like this

msgid "Benchmark"
msgstr ""

msgid "A french speaking users community"
msgstr ""

msgid "OSA"
msgstr ""

msgid "Gauss"
msgstr ""

msgid "Window type:"
msgstr ""

msgid "Interface Font: Built-in"
msgstr ""

msgid "Save Render Layers..."
msgstr ""

msgid "Transform Orientations..."
msgstr ""

msgid "Zoom Within Border..."
msgstr ""

msgid "Scripts"
msgstr ""

msgid "Transform Orientation (ALT+Space)"
msgstr ""

and maybe more

In result I have more newest file blender.pot (that have some new string
from Blender 2.46RC). This file also present in archive.

Please commit my changes for Ukrainian localization.

With best regards
  Serhij Dubyk

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