[Bf-committers] Linux Platform maintainer needed

Ken Hughes khughes at pacific.edu
Wed May 9 03:45:56 CEST 2007

D.J. Capelis wrote:
> Since Ken's chroot is for 64-bit, it's probably better that someone else
> back up for 32.  (Multilib makes things icky IIRC)  At the moment it
> appears Rui's version of the chroot is actually a bit further along then
> mine and he seems the best candidate to take over the build if I'm not
> around for this particular release. (or a future one for that matter...)
> With the current release schedule, I think things should be fine, but if
> the new volunteers want to organize testing and regression testing
> that'd be a big help.  Some times bugs don't show up on my gentoo box
> because I've got all kinds of libraries everyone.  Can someone create
> bf-linux at projects.blender.org for the linux folks to coordinate this on?
> Seems like we're going to end up with a non-trivial team here.  Was
> bound to happen eventually I suppose.

I have a laptop which I run 32-bit on, and just duplicated the setup of 
my 64-bit chroot there.  But it's probably better if we have someone 
else for redundancy (not to mention testing) in the future.


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