[Bf-committers] Linux Platform maintainer needed

Stefan Gartner stefang at aon.at
Mon May 7 23:03:55 CEST 2007

On Monday, 7. May 2007 19:39, Shaul Kedem wrote:
> Some sort of a "howto" would be great as well, my questions are:
> - do you get the latest cvs before building or use some specific dump off
> cvs (soon to be svn) ?
> - do you use the make, scons or cmake?
> - is there a set of tests you run through before submitting the build?

As I'm a Linux Platform mantainer myself (well, sort of) those questions are 
of interest to me, as well. For the record, my answers would be:
- for RCs the latest cvs, for releases the tagged version (or a checkout 
around Ton's release ahoy! message).
- make
- if time permits I do regression tests, otherwise I just check if the binary 
runs and test some of the new features. Thanks to the testing the x86 build 
recieves, there usually are no problems on powerpc.
- not asked: I use a plain debian stable (currently etch) chroot for building.


PS: if anybody's interested, I could do some more exotic linux builds (besides 
powerpc): linux/mips and maybe even linux/parisc. The mips machine (sgi 
origin 2000) uses a lot of power, so I'd only do a build on it if there 
really is a need for it.
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